Business Link is a network of experienced entrepreneurs and business people offering advice and guidance to SMEs and startups in the UK.




It takes in-depth knowledge to run a successful business. With our courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know from experienced, qualified teachers.

Professional Look

Let our years of experience benefit you – we can be on call to advise on your employees business corporate clothing, give you and your business that cutting edge, including producing a high quality video production. 

Business Management

For a more involved guide, we offer Business Management services. Our Business Managers act in a consultancy role as you launch or redevelop your business to keep you on track.

  • Peter Clark

    Peter Clark

    As our Team Leader, Peter ensures that every new clients feels at home with us at Business Link. He’s worked as an Account Manager for years, and knows the world of business inside out.
  • Robert Harris

    Robert Harris

    Robert is our Financial Advisor. Having previously worked as an accountant, he is perfectly placed to offer guidance to businesses hoping to remain profitable.
  • David Martin

    David Martin

    David is our Head Advisor. He manages a team of many qualified advisors, ensuring that everybody is directed to the correct place for the best advice.
  • Brian Miller

    Brian Miller

    Brian is our resident teacher. Having lectured on Business Studies in a prestigious university, he now creates our online course literature to ensure that the best, most relevant information is included.


The answer is simple: we have the highest quality service available and we always have happy and satisfied clients. From IT companies in the North to Connolly Accountants in Milton Keynes, we have experts who know just how to guide your business. Speak to one of our trusted advisors for advice on anything from finance to hiring – we’re always ready to chat. Our priority is that you go on to be successful, profitable and continue to grow, and we’ll use every resource we have to reach that goal. Luckily, our ever-expanding team of experts always have an answer for you.